February 2016

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" Help us to transport our patients" : here is the request from the inhabitants of Laprak.
We wished to meet their demand by initiating a crowdfunding operation with "Ulule". This operation will enable us tobuy a 4-wheel drive vehicle to be used as an ambulance.
That will also be an essential addition to our project od dispensary. If, as planned, the construction begins within the next months, it will be, at first, a small structure unable to face the most serious cases. Those patients will have to be sent to a hospital and this vehicle will be the best mean to do it.

You can see the details of the operation, and participate through the following link :  https://fr.ulule.com/4x4-nepal/
Even the smallest amounts will be welcomed. You can also help by spreading this information to your friends and contacts.
Many thanks for your help!

August 2015

Three months after the earthquake, the future of Laprak and its inhabitants is still uncertain. The French newspaper "La Croix" published this article :

Article La Croix 31 07 2015


January 2015

Just back from our exploratory mission, we are happy to announce the success of our Medical Camp on last November 29. The long-awaited results of this day have surpassed our expectations!

We invite you to read the complete report of this day on the dedicated page of our web-site or through this link.



November 2014



You do not speak or read Nepali fluently? No problem, just read the following!

Some members of our association will meet in about ten days from now in Kathmandou. We shall stay with our friend Dr Hari Krishna Dhakal and accompany him in the area of his origin to examine the opportunities to concretize our project.
During our stay, November the 29th will be a very special day. The event, object of the above leaflet, will take place in the village of Laprak where a "health camp" will be held.
Hari will be at the head of the team, assisted by two other doctors (paediatrician and gynecologist), six nurses, a pharmacist, a health assistant and a laboratory assistant. Volunteers from the village (students and teachers) will help with the organisation.
Dr Hari expects that up to 400 people could come to this health camp as there is usually no medical structure in this area.
Informations about hygiene and health will also be organized and we shall distribute toothbrushes, toothpaste, and simple glasses.

These leaflets will be distributed in the vicinity of Laprak and public announcements will be made by the local radio station.
We have a few days left to finish this organisation and when we get back, next December, we'll tell you all about this special event!

September 2014

Dear friends,
As we had already planned, our trip to Nepal in November to buy a piece of land of more than 2 hectares is getting ready. Here are some details.

Our doctor, Hari, is coming from Philippines and reaching Kathmandu on November 20th. From the 23rd, we, 5 members of the association will progressively join him and leave on the 27th with 4-wheel cars to Gorkha, mid Nepal, then proceed to Laprak village at 2200 meters.
In that village, on the beginning of the famous trekking around the Manaslu Range, we will check the proposed land to see if it fits the future construction of our dispensary. Through several local meetings our Nepali friends have met the villagers and explained our project.
The people have enthusiastically responded and, aware of the benefits our dispensary would bring to their community, 40 peasants have agreed to join their small properties to make a sufficient large piece of land. We will be there 2 days, on November 28 and 29th to visit the place and share our wishes with the people.
Whatever our thoughts might be, Hari as the future leader and permanent resident doctor in charge of the Dispensary, will have the last word and be the one to decide. Nothing will be done without his agreement.

It seemed strange to us to pass there with an experienced doctor and do nothing for the well being of the local farmers. So, we decided to organize on the 29th a Medical Camp to treat as many needy patients as we could. Our medical team will be composed of Hari + 2 more friends experienced doctors assisted by 4 nurses and 1 pharmacist to distribute the medicines. The consultations and treatments will take place in large tents set on the village centre and our loval volunteers will organize and sort out the waiting queues. We expect many visitors and to widely advertise the place and the date of such important event, to as many people as possible, our frendly local contacts will visit the surroundings villages and distribute pamphlets as giving announcements at the local radio in Gurung dialect.

We will come back to the Capital via the Buri Gandaki valley, first on foot until a village where our 4-wheel vehicles will be awaiting to bring us back. Once back to Kathmandu, we will decide how to proceed and eventually take the first steps to the legal procedure to buy the visited land.

Our common budget for the whole trip is 3500€ including 1500€ of medicines. If that long day of Medical Camp, from sunrise to sunset, a very rare event in such an isolated village which never receives the visit of a doctor, seems interesting to you, come with us and share our action in helping.
You can send your support to our association bank account or address which both details are on our front page. In advance, many thanks for your help!

We will also realize a short film and take many photos of that great event to be able to share the strong emotions of that day with you, after our return on our site espoir-nepal.fr 

March 1st, 2014

As we already said, our last journey to the Himalaya mountains gave us the opportunity to relize a short film of about 16 minutes, which is by now ready and displayed on our site, by "video".
Another very important news : during the same trip, we had located an appropriate land which showed the requested qualities to build our dispensary and met the local owners. We then explained to those farmers that we intended to build a medical structure at the crossroads of the villages. They showed us immediate enthusiasm and promised to set large meetings for consultation with their fellow village residents.
We just learnt that under the guidance of the village chiefs, those meetings led to a very positive conclusion. The villagers agreed to gather their many small pieces of land and form a large area of 48 ropanis (about 6.20 acres) or 2,5 hectares which should fit very well the size we need. The cost of such land is 13 500 Euros or roughly 18 000 US$. We decided to go there and check the availability of such purchase in November 2014. Of course, such trip depending upon the permission Hari has first to get from his medical authority. Unfortunately, he will have, anyway and as for his last trip in September 2013, to compensate such leave by the end of his studies in 2015.

The President
Gérard Naigeon


September 15th, 2013

At the beginning of August, Hari and I met in Kathmandu, together with an old time friend, Ram Kumar Gurung. Hari was on holiday for 20 days and i was on my way to Myanmar.


We were there mainly to realize a short film to introduce the Association on the Net. We started with an interview, then left to the small town of Gorkha and nearby, Hari's native village. We shot scenes by the house where Hari spent his youth with his mother, his first school and met the teachers who taught him alphabets and frm where he left to a boarding school in Kathmandu. Though the roads during that moonsoon were in a very bad shape with landslides, we coul make it on foot to the mountains up to about 2000 meters and the small remote villages where we found appropriate lands to build our future dispensary.


July 2012

According to his wish, Hari will be able to complete his training as a doctor. The circumstances made it possible for him to undergo this training in Philippines where he will go in the next days for a first interview at the "Amang" Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center in Marikina City, Manila.
The final acceptance of his application will occur after one month of "pre-residency". Then he will begin the "Residency Training Program" in the Department of Medicine of this Hospital.

amangrodriguezmemorialmedicalcenter.jpgAmang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center


February 2012

After the end of his engagement with "Chaurjahari Hospital", last December, Hari settled in Kathmandu, in a room rented by a friend.
As previously planned, he prepared himself for a first exam that could have given him access to a University for his postgraduation. As expected he did not pass it but this experience will be of great value for next year. Now, he knows exactly how to conduct his studies and which subjects he will have to deepen.

We have been able to organize his coming to France from February 21st until March 15th. During his stay he will have the opportunity to meet various people who will perhaps be able to help with the project. 

November 2011

As expected, Hari will leave Chaurjahari Hospital on December 15th, and will then settle in Kathmandu to prepare his future exams and postgraduation.

A Nepalese media published an article about the work made by Hari and his colleagues in Chaurjahari. You can have direct access to the article by going to the section "Liens"(links) of our site or by consulting the section "Press review".


October 2011

Our association widens its action. Sapana, soon a nurse.
Our association, faithful to its original goal to provide a medical training and care for the local needy population, wishes to sustain another student during two years. A long time Nepalese friend, Ram Kumar Gurung, asked us to take care of his daughter's studies of nursing for the next two years. We asked Hari Krishna his advice : he enthusiastically agreed to give us his full support in helping and checking her progression to a successful conclusion of our new engagement. We are glad to follow Sapana at the NORVIC Institute of Nursing Education, Maharajgunj in Kathmandu for a total commitment of 4 050,00 Euros (including 2 300,00 Euros for the first year).   

September 2011

This site was created to promote our project in order to look for and hopefully find sponsors, patrons. Therefore, we decided to give our project time to do so. Meanwhile, Hari Krishna will not stay idle and proposed us to start studying anew, going for a postgraduation. Finding the idea good, because that would give him more knowledge for his future responsabilities, we quickly agreed.
So, Hari will finish his present contract as manager of Chaurjahari Hospital next December and get back to Kathmandu. There, he will rent a room from an old friend to settle for a year, at the most. There are several exams that lead to admission into University for postgraduation. Those are being held in February. Being very difficult, they are usually prepared during one full year of heavy preparation and intensive personnal studies. But, in 2012, though not really well prepared, yet Hari would like to give them a try, mainly as a psychological approach. Their costs are around 500€ and we decided to do so. If, by a great chance Hari would pass and be admitted, that would save him/us one full year time, giving him the possibility to enter right away and furthermore save the cost of staying one year in Kathmandu (200€ x 12). If he is not accepted, he will steadily prepare himself during 2012 and undergo again those exams in February 2013. After the success we believe in, Hari will have to go through a very important interview with the authorities of the University he has chosen. Very important because the fees charged during the next three years (among which the very expensive admission fees) will depend upon the results of that interview and will be based on the influential friends he has in the right places! Usually, the available seats for students are not enough to fulfil the extra demand or waiting list and some admissions might be "resold" to more generous pretenders. That happened to Hari some years ago, when, though his name had been registered, he could not find himself listed on the first day of school and was harshly sent back home. That is why he had to go abroad to Bangladesh and study there 6 years to get his MBBS of Medicine. Well, now Hari knows much better about the tricky system and is confident in the relations he has thoroughly made during his three first years of practice. The cost of those Postgraduation three years will be about 30 000,00 Euros to which should be added another 7 200,00 Euros for accomodation and food.
Our association, "Un dispensaire dans son village", has decided to cover the whole amount of Hari's Postgraduation years, so altogetherabout 40 000,00 Euros. 

August 2011

We allow ourselves plenty of time to find patrons, sponsors and well wishers to finance this project, find the land and start the construction. During this time, of course, Hari will not stay idle : he will use that necessary time to complete his studies and go for a postgraduation, if very possible in Nepal. We are at present looking for possibilities and costs to do so. On this page, we will keep in touch and inform you about any evolution or change.

Aucune solution n'ayant été trouvée, nous avons le regret de mettre un terme à notre projet. L'Assemblée Générale Extraordinaire du 22 Mars 2018 a voté à l'unanimité la dissolution et le transfert de nos moyens à l'association loi 1901 "SAMBHAVA TERRE DU POSSIBLE" .


Un très grand merci pour votre confiance et soutien durant toutes ces années!