Gérard NAIGEON : one of the two founders and President of the Association
To better discover, deepen and enrich his human interests, he started travelling our planet and living abroad quite young. In wandering journeys or settling down sometimes for several years, he went first through Asia, up to the Far East, then to South America. His primal passion for Hinduism involves him to work in India for an uncompleted quest, then resting here and there to restore his energy, the historical road of Buddhism progressively dragged him to Japan, where the encounter with the Zen phenomenon achieved to persuade him forever. A family life brings him lately to work as a guide for a Tour Operator which he has not left since then. Sent to share his passions on his favourite lands, mainly in Asia and South America, he is nevertheless given the great chance to enlarge his knowledge of new areas of the world, which seemed till then too far for him, in deserts of Africa and Arctic. The encounter of the Inuit people is, among others, an unforgettable stunning discovery. During all those years of sincere and deepening interest for the people and the societies of our planet, his passion for the ethnical patchwork which dwells in the Nepalese Himalaya never ended but pushed him again and again to go back to it. Forever grateful of being enriched with the human qualities of those mountain people, he felt the necessity to show and prove them his gratitude. In those highest lands of our globe, he soon got involved in long lasting friendships, sponsoring and helping people as much as he could to get free from a certain so called fatality. The creation of our Association "A dispensary in his village" and his concomitant project HOPE are then an evident consequence of that long but sure maturity.

Bernard MOLLIET : the second founder of the Association, Treasurer and Lecturer  
From the mountainous district of Savoy (France), he is managing a large company in Annemasse, near Switzerland. On his way for a long trek in Tibet, he discovers and falls in love with the magic of Nepal. Ardent and unconditionnal admirer of the journey on foot, he fully appreciates being among the local populations and away from his too busy and very comfortable daily professional obligations. Sensible to the severe local conditions of life lived by the Nepalese, deeply concerned by the lack of medical structures, that traveller met Hari during a second trek to Nepal and became strongly involved with our association, helping him during all his medical studies, and never stopped ever since.

Laurence ORSINI : secretary of the Association
Her passion for foreign languages took her abroad very young. Then, after studies in Tourism she started working for a well known Travel Agent. Since then, she has not stopped discovering our planet and particularly Nepal, to which she is very dedicated. Faithful to our cause since the first moment, she strongly assisted Hari from the beginning of that great adventure.

Brigitte MEYER : in charge of the communication
Working as a bank employee, she began to travel as soon as she began to work. Her motivation is a great curiosity towards places, people, their history, and a passion for photography as a mean of sharing her emotions. She had the opportunity to travel twice in Nepal. She kept touching memories of the beautiful encounters made over there and a great concern for this country and its inhabitants. She has been deeply moved by Hari's story and by his determination to achieve his goal of taking care of his fellow countrymen. That's why she decided to support him and to get involved in the association.


Aucune solution n'ayant été trouvée, nous avons le regret de mettre un terme à notre projet. L'Assemblée Générale Extraordinaire du 22 Mars 2018 a voté à l'unanimité la dissolution et le transfert de nos moyens à l'association loi 1901 "SAMBHAVA TERRE DU POSSIBLE" .


Un très grand merci pour votre confiance et soutien durant toutes ces années!