HARI : Hari Krishna DHAKAL, his long way to become a doctor

Hari Krishna DHAKAL was born August 4th, 1982 in a village of Gorkha district, central Nepal. At the age of 12, having no more school around his home, his dream was to go on studying and become a doctor to take care of his fellow villagers. We met on some path. He seemed so bright and his determination so strong that we formed an association to give him the opportunity, in studying hard, to fulfil his wish.

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To do so, he had to leave his village. A Nepalese friend became his guardian and found him a good boarding school in the capital Kathmandu where he completed his four years of secondary classes. Then, in order to have a better graduation, he left to New Delhi in India, to follow classes of preparatory scientific education during two years. Despite loneliness, being in a foreign land, his humble roots, health problems and the tragedy of his mother's death, Hari kept on studying hard with constant efforts and proved that his childhood determination remained intact. After ending High School at the age of 19, Hari began in February 2002, five and a half years of Medical Studies at USTC, University of Science and Technology of Chittagong in Bangladesh. After steady progress and permanent success in the several exams he had to undergo, he graduated as a doctor in MBBS, among the first of his class in October 2007.

Soon after being back to his land, he had to do one year compulsory internship in order to get registered as a doctor. He then served in several national hospitals of Kathmandu, among which Bir Hospital. To improve his knowledge in rural medicine, he then went to work for one year at the government hospital of Bharatpur Chitwan medical college. At the end of that contract, Hari went for a specialized course in obstetrics. Wishing to improve and deepen his experience in management, he engaged himself as a manager in the coordination of a hospital staff : as a senior doctor in the western province of Rukum, at Chaurjahari. He is at present (by September 2011) finishing his one year engagement there, managing a staff of 40 people including 3 doctors, 5 nurses, 5 assistants: handling together daily an average of 250 consultations, 7 major surgical interventions and caring 50 beds. The flexibility and availability of such medical structure are very rare in Nepal: it can care locally for 700 000 patients. Hari does not count his working hours and stays often at duty till midnight or present on his day off. His salary is a mere 270 Euros/month. 




From October 2012 till September 2015, Hari did a specialization in Internal Medicine in The Philipinnes, at  'Amang' Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center, in Marikina City.
He brilliantly obtained his diploma at the end of this long and hard training.


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