June 2nd 2015 :

We can now show you the video made by our friends from Laprak : 

May 25th 2015

We received a new set of pictures taken in Laprak relating our relief distribution in Laprak. We will soon provide a full report of this action.

All the pictures avalaible can be seen here.

May 19th 2015 :


A few pictures of the delivery and the distribution of the blankets we provided to the village of Laprak

Dsc 0260 b
Dsc 0221 b
Dsc 0267 b
Dsc 0481 b
Dsc 0274 b




Ram Kumar Gurung, our representative in Laprak

Dsc 0495 b

The distribution is organised with the people in charge of the village 

Dsc 0374 b
Dsc 0402 b
Dsc 0421 b
Dsc 0431 b
Dsc 0418 b
Dsc 0410 b



The very harsh living conditions of the people in Laprak

Dsc 0528 b
Dsc 0271 b

May 16th 2015 :

The blankets we provided have been delivered to the villagers in Laprak. Communications are still difficult, so, we must wait for our friends to be back in Kathmandu, to be able to get more informations and perhaps images of the distribution.

May 12th 2015

This morning, two vehicules loaded with our blankets and medicines left Kathmandou.
In the middle of the day a new violent tremor (7.4 on Richter scale) occured.
Our two vehicules reached Baluwa, the limit of the track suitable for vehicles. Porters are going to carry the loads and should arrive in Laprak tomorrow evening or the day after tomorrow.
Unfortunately we have not been able to communicate since this new earthquake.

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Image 787093c33eebd71b69d8c89d2c81b5707020d02d9eae5decea238e854a67e15a v
Image 9864ba9b7b2ae9253faf958185efcd79c96559465041e8adf219b60638768b06 v

May 9th 2015

Our contacts have been able to buy the blankets we had planned to supply. Now they have to organize the transport. They hope that at the beginning of next week a new portion of track will be cleared. It will facilitate the job for porters.

Aucune solution n'ayant été trouvée, nous avons le regret de mettre un terme à notre projet. L'Assemblée Générale Extraordinaire du 22 Mars 2018 a voté à l'unanimité la dissolution et le transfert de nos moyens à l'association loi 1901 "SAMBHAVA TERRE DU POSSIBLE" .


Un très grand merci pour votre confiance et soutien durant toutes ces années!