Earthquake in Nepal - Action for our devastated village, Laprak

You already know the terrible situation in Nepal.

Laprak, the village where we held our Medical camp last November and moreover, where we intended to build a dispensary, is located at about 30 km of the epicentre of the earthquake. 90% of it is destroyed.

Lots of casualties and many more homeless are standing at 2000m high. It rains since several days and the moonsoon is coming soon which will prevent, or at least considerably delay reconstruction before the arrival of winter. Villagers are settled with their few left belongings under the trees or plastic sheets, squatting in the mud.




The rough road usually already quite dangerous were destroyed by landslides and are now totally unfit. The soon coming abundant rains will make impossible the clearing of such huge amount of earth, stone and rubble of houses standing on the slopes of mountains.

A very few small size helicopters rotation can reach the villages to evacuate the most badly wounded and bring some food and equipment.

To estimate the most needed emergency equipment our local representative, Ram Kumar Gurung, met the leaders of the village as the delegates of two other concerned associations (in education and tutoring). After such concertation in order not to provide duplicate materials, dissipate our possible efforts and mostly to abide by the villagers requests, we organize the sending of 550 Korean blankets (2x2,4m) which they badly need.




Our budget is up to 13 000 .



Ram Kumar will charter a truck to carry those 2500 kg from Kathmandu to Baluwa, the end of the still suitable mud road. From that point, villagers/porters coming down from Laprak will take care of the load and walk back a day and a half.

If you wish to join us in such a rescue action and help our friends in an extreme need, you can send your cheques to "Un dispensaire dans son village" 72, rue du Cardinal Lemoine 75005 Paris or contact us for a bank transfer.

All our thanks for your help and be sure every single cent of Euro will be carefully and solely used for the recovery of the stricken villagers of Laprak.

Aucune solution n'ayant été trouvée, nous avons le regret de mettre un terme à notre projet. L'Assemblée Générale Extraordinaire du 22 Mars 2018 a voté à l'unanimité la dissolution et le transfert de nos moyens à l'association loi 1901 "SAMBHAVA TERRE DU POSSIBLE" .


Un très grand merci pour votre confiance et soutien durant toutes ces années!