Un message du Dr Hari Krishna DHAKAL

Dear Friends,

I guess you are already aware of the progress of our common project in Laprak.
We have in full agreement with each other completed the first phase of our proposed work in Gupsi Pakha. The final phase shall start from March 2017.
To give soul to the place, i am organizing a health camp there for four days (February 1-4  2017). The health camp will be better than the one we did last time as i will be bringing the group of specialists from my hospital.

The details of the work have been very kindly given by Gérard of which i am well aware. I (rather we, Ram Kumar and Sechan) am managing all the legal issues and accounting. 
All the receipts and certifications of the amounts received will be sent to you for your legal purposes there.

Thank you for your kind support. I am very thankful to Gérard for giving such valuable time and living in such poor conditions to realize the construction.

I hope that you will continue trusting me as you have been doing. We are moving forward towards our mutual goal through this project. I hope to see you soon.

Your friend,


Rien ne se passe comme prévu à Laprak. Des nouvelles ici......